Sciatica – What is it?

Sciatica is a pain that begins at the waist and extends to the hips and legs. It is due to squeezing or irritating the longest nerve in the body, also known as the “sciatic nerve”. It starts from the spine and goes through the thighs, reaching the back of the legs.
Lower back pain is often confused with sciatica. It varies from weak to strong, usually sharp and can make it difficult to move. In addition to pain, other complaints such as a feeling of weakness in the muscles, numbness or tingling of the foot, foot or fingers may occur.

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There may also be cramps in the thigh or leg area as well as reduced knee and ankle reflexes. Although it is a painful condition, sciatica can rarely become chronic and the pain usually goes spontaneously.
Causes of sciatica can be pressure in the nerves, as well as pregnancy, birth and lifting of heavy objects. Rarely can be caused by a tumor or hernia.

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High load and stress can also play a role as they can lead to a change in body position. In this way, the back is tightened to a greater extent.
Advice to those affected is to consult with a doctor. Sometimes the condition may be a hernia signal. Pain can also be associated with narrowing of the spinal canal.

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